Where The Night Is Young

Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan is a famous annual festival in Angeles City, Pampanga. It is usually held at the last Fri and Saturday of October. It literally means music and dancing on the street.

The city closes off one of its busiest main road  in Barangay Balibago to give way to concert-like music setups, food stalls offering local street food, stalls of some of the well-known retaurants in the city, DJs and lots of dancing, and overflowing beer! Aside from that, it’s also a place that is annually a great target for bomb threats and yet successfully held every year with minimum casualties. I haven’t heard anything this year. There were a lot of security and police at the venue so the event felt safe and secure.

99.1% fun! The stage hosted by GVFM was truly enjoyable. After dancing while being sprayed with paint, we all looked like we just finished a color run – that sweat and paint mix!

Dance WID US! Although there’s no paint, WIDUS Hotel’s stage was definitely vibrant with the on point beats and extravagant lighting.

Let’s dance! Expectators crowded around this dancer who was calling for a showdown.img_5020

Oh, there’s barbecue. Streetfoods in Angeles City are a must-try. I was eating and totally forgot to take photos. They’re that good!


I’m not that into night life but somehow I think I should have attended Day 2, too. I see other photos in social media and can tell that people definitely had a great time! I’ll probably drop by again next year… and the year after. 🙂


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