SunMoon Lake and the Shilin Night Market

We went  hiking at SunMoon Lake. There were families taking the same route.It was relaxing and would be a great getaway from all the accumulated stress caused by city life. After the hike, we rode a boat across the lake to Ita Thao. There are food shops of local delicacies in Ita Thao. I enjoyed the hand-made matcha mochi – fresh, soft, and tasty!

That night, we travelled to Taipei. Sadly, we weren’t able to go to Taipei 101 or see famous landmarks. We, however, managed to visit the Shilin Night Market. Like the previous night, we helped ourselves to the appetizing streetfood of Taiwan.
DSCF2895DSCF2897DSCF2901(No, I didn’t eat this. I think it’s too sweet.)


Spirited Away in Jiufen and Shifen

Despite the heat and the suffocating wave of fellow sight-seers, I love Jiufen.It used to be a little old mining town occupied by the Japanese. It also referred to as the inspiration behind Ghibli’s Spirited Away as Hayao Miyazaki was rumored to have visited the Grand Teahouse there. Evidently, the animation is embraced by the town warmly as character-inspired food, souvenirs, and decors flood the shops.

There were tunnels and pathways and going around was the adventure itself.I could imagine Chihiro running down the stairs.  If I had more time, I would have just spent it walking around.DSCF3020DSCF3058

Then, we went to Shifen. I loved it, too! There was an interval with the train rides so we had the railways to ourselves for a good hour or so. It was also famous for lighting and setting lanterns up in the sky. We did that! It was an amazing experience!

Kaohsiung: The Must-See Temples and Night Market

I stayed at a friend’s house in Kaohsiung. We ate at a local bufffet restaurant and visited as many temples as we can.

Instead of eating at a fancy restaurant, we filled our bellies with various streetfoods at the Kaohsiung Night Market.

There were even cool things to see!
(Can you guess which one is real?)